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The Palace of Serenity is a large, elaborate palace in downtown QueenCity. It is the official formal residence of the PrincessOfCentralia, and thus, the home of PrincessAlice (when she's not studying at the boarding school in Havensborough).


The Palace of Serenity was built for PrincessMeredith many centuries ago when she established Queen City as the capital of Centralia. It has served as the official residence of Centralia's reigning monarch ever since.

As Princess Meredith can fly, the palace was originally built with large trapdoors in the floors to allow Meredith to float between stories without the need for stairs. Many of these were removed when PrincessJeanette had modern elevators installed in the palace, though a few remain in place today, kept closed and covered by rugs or carpeting.

The technology of the palace, like much technology in Centralia, is a mix of modern and vintage technology. The Princess's preferred telephone resembles the 1950s Imperial variant of the Western Electric model 202.1 Princess Alice uses a vintage 1970s clock radio in her bedroom. Most televisions in the palace use CRT displays.

The upper portion of the palace, where the princess resides, is enchanted with a special form of empathetic magic, which allows the building's rooms and layout to reconfigure based on the princess's mood. As Princess Alice is known for her mood swings, this part of the palace changes quite often, and servants and other staff avoid the area as much as possible.

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