<PrincessAlice> Cultist: Here's a token of my appreciation. *hands you a coffee mug that says "World's Okayest Sysadmin"*
<Cultist> the worst part is, i don't driink coffee

Tze Tze






Crown Minister for Information Technology


The Palace, Boring Stuff Annex

Special Abilities

Once printed a document on the first try

Preceded by

(office created)

Tze Tze (previous name scrubbed from records as "too boring")

Tze was once an unremarkable student of computer science before stumbling upon an internet chatroom for the future PrincessAlice and her school friends. He persisted in the belief that they were all roleplayers or actually psychotic until being magically abducted by Her newly crowned Majesty so that he could fix her computer (it was unplugged). While originally distraught, once he checked salary information he accepted a position as the computer systems administrator for the Palace, and then for the country upon creation of the Information Technology ministry at his suggestion/bribe. He remains boring.

Tze's responsibilities as Minister include promulgating technical standards for this thought is too boring for even me to complete, maintaining network infrastructure, and information security. He also acts as one of the informal liasons between Her Majesty and Her Majesty's Government: the bureaucracies that do the work of governing when She can't be bothered, i.e. almost all of the time.

He has no personality to speak of. Gets fugue states sometimes though. Probably nothing.




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