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Dame Adorabelle's Academy for the Magically Gifted and Talented, often referred to as simply Dame Adorabelle's Academy, is a magic education boarding school in Havensborough, Centralia. The school was founded in 1792 by Dame AdorabelleWallace, who served as the school's Headmistress before her retirement in 1929.


The Academy occupies a rather large campus in the southwest area of Havensborough, at the corner of W. Shannon Avenue and Redbird Lane Road.


Dame Adorabelle's Library is housed in an old brick building, most likely dating to the late 19th century. The front entrance features of a prominent set of double doors, up a few stairs from the courtyard. To comply with PrincessJeanette's accessibility mandates, a wheelchair ramp was added many years ago.

Upon entering the library, one immediately faces the front desk: a workspace enclosed by a counter on all sides. The service desk seems relatively modern compared to its surroundings: a computer with a flat panel display sits on the left-hand counter, and the area is lit by overhead flourescent lights suspended from the ceiling above.

To either side of the front desk are study tables, each flanked by one or two rows of bookshelves. The majority of the books, however, are kept on the upper floor. One can walk around the front desk to the rear of the building, where two ornately decorated staircases run up from the center to either side of the upper floor--a quiet, dimly lit area with even more stacks of books and a few more, smaller study spaces.1

Dormitory Circle

adorabelles_dorms.png Dame Adorabelle's has two dormitories, East and West. Each dormitory building forms a rough semi-circle around a courtyard, with a smaller building containing faculty living quarters occupying the space between the dorms.

A rivalry of sorts has developed between students residing in East Dormitory and those residing in West Dormitory. West Dormitory, whose de facto leader is PrincessAlice, houses the "crazier" and more chaotic students, who love pranks, irresponsible use of magic, and general silliness. East Dormitory, whose de facto leader is CassandraCrowe, is the home of the more orderly students, who take their studies seriously and don't think highly of those who flout the school rules. 2

Administrative Building

A large building in the center of campus, housing administrative facilities, including The Headmistress's main office. Princess Alice and friends once planned to break in after hours, but were stopped by the revelation that the building has no doors or windows at night. You do not want to meet the night watchman. 3

Adorabelle's Laboratory / Princess Alice's Clubhouse

Although the Administrative Building does not "officially" have a basement, there is a lower level beneath the main structure. This space is only accessible through a secret hatch in the belly of the Crystal Dragon on display in the building's rear hallway. This space was originally used by Professor Adorabelle Wallace herself as a private laboratory, which she continued to use the laboratory following her formal retirement from the Academy in 1929. Adorabelle ceased using the laboratory in 1966, moving out the last of her items on the 16th of May.4

Decades later, PrincessAlice was looking for a meeting place for her informal group of friends, nicknamed the BandOfBrats. While pondering this question, a little birdy dropped into the Princess's dorm, dropping a note reading There's a secret hatch to an abandoned part of the school right through the belly of the Crystal Dragon before flying away, stealing a small jar of honey.5 From then on, the Princess and her fellow brats began using the vacant basement as their informal meeting place, unaware that it was once the private laboratory of the academy's founder and one of Centralia's most celebrated witches.

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