Trevor Ralph LaBleep, known to friends as Tre, is an industrial designer, graphic artist, writer and musician. Since 2015, he has been the Head of Product Design at AlicornSystems.

Hailing from Greyson City, USA, Tre took to a variety of interests at a young age, chief among them being his love for product design. By the ripe age of fifteen he'd landed a job as an intern for Omnivius Industries' mobile phone division; within a year he would be placed in charge of the Quartet 7 tablet project, an effort by Omnivius to compete in the then-novel tablet market.

Despite his talent and passion for technology, Omnivius was hesitant to hire Tre in a senior position at the company due to a combination of ambiguous child labor laws in Greyson and his openness toward the public regarding the company's secretive internal structure and culture. Seeing an opportunity to acquire key talent from its chief competitor, Alicorn Systems CEO Janice Henderson offered Tre the chance to oversee the entire company's product design in a non-exclusive deal, which he readily accepted.

Upon landing in his new gig, Tre quit at Omnivius and moved from Greyson to a high-rise apartment building in Downtown Colerain, where he currently resides. A chance encounter with Princess Alice in a coffee shop led the two to become friends not long after his arrival; he has also forged a good rapport with Ash and Sir Haven, among others.

He'll also probably give you a free phone if you're cool. Just don't, like, pester him about it.