The University of Centralia Grand Library




110 W. Times Avenue

Head librarian


The University of Centralia Grand Library is the main library of TheUniversityOfCentralia's main campus in Colerain. At 14 stories tall, it is the largest single library in Centralia.

The Grand Library is notorious for its sprawling, labyrinthine layout. Many a freshman has gotten themselves lost for hours while attempting to find research materials among the stacks.


Imicow serves as head librarian of The Grand Library, having been appointed by PrincessAlice herself. Imicow is, however, notoriously reclusive, and often delgates the day-to-day operations of the library to her subordinates, including a large group of student employees.

Imicow lives in a small apartment on the library's 14th floor, formally known as the Librarian's Quarters. Princess Alice often spends the night there, sleeping on Imicow's couch, which Alice specifically bought for that purpose. Jenny and GuardsmanPayne had to figure out a way to get a sofa up 14 stories from the street, too, since for some reason Alice wouldn't pay the furniture delivery people to do it.


First Floor

Second Floor

Third–Thirteenth Floor

Fourteenth Floor


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