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 * Is one of few who addresses PrincessAlice as "Alice" rather than "Princess", even to her face.

Mister Forneus




Job title

Academy Disciplinarian
Special Courses Instructor



Mister Forneus (first name is "possibly irrelevant") is the Academy Disciplinarian and Special Courses Instructor at Dame Adorabelle's Academy for the Magically Gifted and Talented.

  • Forneus has been employed at Dame Adorabelle's since its founding, and can be seen in the background of many older staff pictures. Before this, he is believed to have worked as some sort of royal retainer or envoy, as he maintains the title of "Marquess of the Outer Shores" and is theorised to be the 'Magister F." mentioned in Asterian documents dating to the foundation of Centralia.

  • In practice, Forneus' role as a school administrator and disciplinarian primarily amounts to keeping the young Princess under control and advising students on various problems; his attitude overall is liberal and helpful, although his other attributes tend to intimidate students to various degrees, often quite unintentionally.

  • Forneus was, for many years, the school's chief baking instructor. Graduates tend to describe his classes, as well as the seminars on various other, more esoteric subjects which he has given since, in wildly different terms, although the theme of remembering his classes as if they were a dream is consistent. Often students would contend to have heard wildly different lectures while sitting side by side in the same class.
  • Only one Calendar Grithbreach is ever known to have described Forneus' classes as "boring." Although Grithbreach obtained significant notoriety at the school after the 1958 Mastodon Incident, they are little spoken of now; when mentioned to Forneus, he merely sighs and shakes his head.
  • Forneus' office does not obey the rules of Euclidean spacial geometry. His apartments on the grounds are most likely the same, although no students or staff seem quite sure where they are.
  • On more than one occasion a former student has remembered Forneus as "Mistress Forneus" and appeared quite convinced that the disciplinarian was female despite disagreement from classmates within the same year.
  • Forneus often appears as what may or may not be an enormous marten in smart attire. Most do not find this odd until well after he has left their presence.
  • It is rumoured that in his role as Marquess of the Outer Banks that Forneus patrols the seas on the far coast of Centralia, on foot, several miles beneath the waves, seen from passing submarines and bathyscaphes, while on the same day lecturing the Princess on proper table manners.
  • Is one of few who addresses PrincessAlice as "Alice" rather than "Princess", even to her face.


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