Jane the Witch


Person (Though how could you tell?)


Sometime in the 90s
Ancient Mumuland


High Archmage of Centralia
Proprieter of Magic Jane's Antique Antiques


The Palace, or the apartment above her shop, as needs dictate

Special Abilities


Preceded By

William Drummond (Retired)

Jane-Sofie Kyoko Ursula Ayumu Kodebug van der Ooschenkirker II, or just "Jane The Witch", is the High Archmage of Centralia, though anyone addressing her as this is likely to be pongified.

Jane is the latest in a line of 213 members of the Ooschenkirker Witching Tradition to serve as the archmage of Centralia, and one of almost 100 members of the Ooschenkirker family proper to hold the honor. Depending on the needs of the day, Jane runs a state-sponsored magical item shop, does research and experiments in the castle labs, and may even be found heading the Centralian military against the odd threat, such as a wandering Candy Troll.

Jane hails from the Lost Isle Of Ancient Mu, also called Mumuland or Mu Mu La. Mu is a strange land of peculiar magic, whose unique geography allows it to border both the eastern United States and (simultaneously) several of the Japanese Home Islands, despite the fact that it is unreachable from either of these locations by conventional means. Mumese has linguistic features in common with many other languages, and may be a "mother tongue", from which many others spring, similar to Indo-European. Mumese society is heavily magic-based, and the average Mulander lives in one of the island's many towering mage cities, single buildings--larger inside than out--that house entire communities.

Jane was sent abroad at the age of just 10, enrolling in DameAdorabellesAcademy to learn alongside a member of the royal family, the future PrincessAlice. There, she became known as Tiny Jane, due to her small stature, and acquired a habit of gently floating most places, as opposed to walking. She was a frequent accomplice in many of the princess' shenanigans, and often flew over to the nearby PizzeriaConvenientlyLocatedNearTheIntersectionNearTheSchool with her friends to munch on her favorite food, mushroom pizza. She also played keyboard in a band at the time.

On her 18th birthday, Jane was appointed Archmage of The Realm, and previous archmage William Drummond retired to return to his music career.

Jane is reserved but friendly, though new pals should be aware of her tendency to treat everyone as a potential guinea pig for new and fun experiments. She has a pet flying octopus named Blau, who is from the future.



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