Haven the Unbreakable

Knight Errant


Human (?)


6 October


Knight of the Realm


A suite in PrincessAlicesPalace, a townhouse in Havensborough, and assorted caches and safehouses throughout Centralia

Special abilities

~Knightly Psionics~

Haven the Unbreakable is a psionic savant found wandering the woods of Centralia in a daze. Knighted by the Princess and brought into her inner circle, they nonetheless continue questing the land. It's cool, she gave them a cell phone to recall them to the palace for vital missions or parties (mostly parties). They presumably did something heroic or otherwise noteworthy enough to get the town of Havensborough named after them, but that is To Be Determined.

Psionic powers

Their primary power is a versatile ability to create indestructible barriers of pure light, which can be used for defense, as stepping stones, and a variety of other purposes. Additionally, they possess some degree of telekinesis, and healing abilities that can only be used on others. (This power manifests as ethereal kittens licking the subject's wounds.)

Special abilities

A unique style of hand-to-hand combat aided by their psionics. While they wear ceremonial regalia marking them as a knight of the realm, they eschew armor and weapons in lieu of creating solid light constructs to fight with. "It's more lightweight," they've said about a million times.


Kitty-horsie besties with PrincessAlice herself, and on excellent terms with PrincessLexi and TheHandler as well.


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