Gumdrop Sweets



8 July 2014

Age as of 2033





University student
Security guard


ToffeeSweets (father)
SarsaparillaSweets (mother)
ButterscotchSweets (sister)
CaramelSweets (brother)

Gumdrop Sherbet Sweets is a MagicalGirl and the youngest of TheSiblingsSweets. Currently a freshman at TheUniversityOfCentralia, Gumdrop works to balance her studies with her duty to protect the people of Colerain.


Gumdrop possesses superhuman strength, which allows her, for example, to eaily lift concrete slabs to rescue trapped people.

Gumdrop's magical element is fire. Her specialized pyrokinetic powers allow her to ignite or extinguish fires at will. She is immune to heat and cannot be burned by flame, though she is still susceptible to smoke inhalation and as such must be careful when and where she lights fires. Her signature move is lighting her hands on fire before punching out an enemy.


Gumdrop is the first of the siblings Sweets to have a job, as she took a part-time position as a security guard at WendyDarlingColerainChildrensHospital. Gumdrop takes her job seriously, but often finds herself having to defend the hospital with her powers...while on the job.


Gumdrop has a somewhat antagonistic relationship with her older sister, ButterscotchSweets, though despite their differences the two sisters care for each other deeply and are always willing to help in times of need. Their brother, CaramelSweets, often acts as peacekeeper during Gumdrop and Butterscotch's clashes.

Of the three Sweets children, Gumdrop maintains the closest relationship with their mother, SarsaparillaSweets. The two keep in touch through letters and phone calls, and once a month, Gumdrop makes a trip to the MotherShiptonInstituteForTheMagicallyUnstable to visit Sarsaparilla.


Gumdrop purchased a used green motorcycle, making her the only of the Sweets siblings to have her own vehicle. Although she wears proper safety equipment, such as a jacket and helment, Gumdrop is a somewhat reckless driver, often disregarding speed limits or making unsafe lane changes.

Shortly after first learning to ride, Gumdrop began to "show off" to other UCen-area bikers by performing dangerous stunts. She often crashed, but as a supernatural being, emerged unharmed. She stopped performing these stunts after realizing that she was unintentionally encouraging non-magical humans to put their lives in danger.


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