Centralia Highway 1

Her Royal Highness's Highway

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Centralia Highway 1 (C-1) is an east-west highway running from Centralia's west coast in ButtercupBay to the national capital of QueenCity, making C-1 the longest of Centralia's numbered highways.

The current C-1 roughly follows the path of the historic PrincipalHighway west of QueenCity, though many sections of the original two-lane road have been bypassed or upgraded in favor of higher capacity freeways or divided highways.

Auxiliary Routes

C-1 Business (Havensborough)

C-1 Business

Business Route




High Street

When the C-1 freeway bypass of Havensborough opened, the former route of C-1 through the town, known locally as High Street, was designated as C-1 Business. The west end of C-1 Business is at a diamond interchange with C-1 and C-301 and the east end is at an incomplete interchange, allowing access only from westbound C-1 to westbound C-1 Business or from eastbound C-1 Business to eastbound C-1.


Centralia Highway 301

Her Royal Highness's Highway

West end


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Old Principal Highway
Duchess Emma Caroline Highway

Centralia Highway 301 is a portion of former C-1 between Havensborough and Colerain. In the 1940s, C-1, which followed the alignment of the original PrincipalHighway west of Havensborough, was widened to a four-lane divided highway. However, as the main roadway link between QueenCity and Colerain, traffic volumes continued to increase, and it soon became clear a fully grade-separated freeway would need to be constructed. Limitations of the original Principal Highway alignment, including the need to maintain access to local properties, and the proximity of EnchantedForestNationalPark, led to the decision to build a freeway for C-1 on a new alignment north of the old highway. In 1969, the current freeway alignment of C-1 between Havensborough and Colerain opened and the former alignment was designated as C-301.

In 2019, PrincessAlice designated the portion of C-301 from the Colerain city limits to the C-1 interchange as the Duchess Emma Caroline Highway, with the MinistryOfTransportation posting signs featuring a commemorative unicorn emblem.


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