Adorabelle Wallace

Professor of Magic


15 March 1704


A small house in the woods
near DoveCreek


HilltopUniversity professor (1717–1790)
DameAdorabellesAcademy headmistress (1792–1929)
Royal magical consultant (1929-1966)
Reclusive shut-in (1966-present)

Professor Dame Adorabelle Wallace is a retired Centralian magic educator best known as the founder of DameAdorabellesAcademy, where she served as headmistress from the school's founding in 1792 to her retirement in 1929.

Early Life

Adorabelle Wallace was born in a faraway land. She developed her magic skills at a young age, and her parents, recognizing her talents, sent her to Centralia, where she was accepted to HilltopUniversity in GroverFalls.


Upon becoming Centralia's youngest university graduate at the age of 13, Wallace accepted a faculty position at Hilltop University, eventually achieving the rank of Professor.

Professor Wallace left the university in 1790, recognizing the need to engage students in magic education at a younger age. Wallace set out to establish her own boarding school for students aged 10 to 17, and Dame Adorabelle's Academy for the Magically Gifted and Talented opened in Havensborough in 1792.

Wallace served as headmistress of her namesake academy until her retirement in 1929, upon which she accepted an appointment as a magical consultant to PrincessMeredith. In 1933, Wallace founded the YoungWitchesAssociationOfCentralia, a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding access to magic training to students in public schools throughout Centralia. Initially, Wallace continued to make public appearances at fundraising events for both Dame Adorabelle's Academy and the Young Witches Association, though these appearances became less frequent over the years as Wallace began to tire of public attention.

Wallace retired from both her royal consultant position and the Young Witches Association in 1966.

Personal Life

During her time at Dame Adorabelle's Academy, Wallace commissioned a private laboratory in a basement space underneath the Administrative Building. Accessible only through a secret passage in the belly of the Crystal Dragon statue on display in the building's rear hallway, Wallace's secret laboratory served not only as a venue for her magical experiments, but as a quiet refuge from the demands of campus life. In her later years as headmistress, it was often noted by students and faculty alike that Professor Wallace would often "go missing" for hours at a time even during school hours. Only one other person, Wallace's secretary Isaac Callaway, was aware of the existence of the lab, and he was sworn to secrecy. The laboratory space provided such comfort to Wallace that even after retiring as headmistress in 1929, she continued to visit campus on a regular basis to sneak into her laboratory.1 After Wallace withdrew from the public eye in 1966, the laboratory space sat abandoned and forgotten for over 50 years, until it was discovered by young PrincessAlice, who used it as a secret clubhouse for her friends—the only space on campus the current headmistress does not know about.

Since her retirement in 1966, Wallace has become a true recluse. Tired of the spotlight after over 200 years as Centralia's top academic, Wallace downplays her titles, preferring to be addressed as "Ms. Adorabelle" rather than "Professor Dame Wallace". Ms. Adorabelle lives in a small house in a remote wooded area off CentraliaHighway36 outside the town of DoveCreek, venturing into town only once or twice a week as needed. All the awards and honors she has earned over the years are kept in a small closet on the lower level of the house, and she never enters the closet except when she is feeling particularly nostalgic for someone she once knew. She lives with several cats, but her closest feline companion is named Isaac, after her favorite secretary from her days as a boarding school headmistress.

Ms. Adorabelle has driven the same compact luxury sedan since the mid-1990s. It now has nearly 200,000 miles on its odometer, but continues to run extremely well, as Ms. Adorabelle is meticulous about timely automotive maintenance.

In her days as a public figure, Ms. Adorabelle was instantly recognizable due to her penchant for large, elaborate hats. Nowadays, however, she prefers to wear understated hoodies so as not to draw attention to herself.

Honors and Legacy

Adorabelle Wallace was knighted by Princess Meredith in 1777 for her contributions to magic education in Centralia.

A large statue of Professor Dame Adorabelle stands in the courtyard of Dormitory Circle at her namesake school, erected in her honor in 1933.

WendyAdorabelleCallaway, owner and manager of the AlfaRomeoHotel in ButtercupBay, is the great-granddaughter of Ms. Adorabelle's secretary, Isaac Callaway, and was named in her honor.

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